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BuzzStarter Website Review – Zanotto’s of San Jose

I love shopping! Be it clothes, accessories or shoes, one of the things that give me a challenge is getting the best deal, discount, whatever that can give me more bang for my buck. With the rising cost in labor and logisitics that gets that product from the shelves to our doorstep comes increased prices and this motivates me, and other consumers out there to find a good bargain.

Optimizing For Local SEO Part 3 – BuzzStarter Best Practices Guide

The last time here at BuzzStarter, we were discussing the importance of Local SEO. To recap:

  • Consumers tend to search local now especially if the search intent is an intent to consume or buy.
  • Consumers trust local retailers or brands much more than your big global brand.
  • Mobile internet usage has skyrocketed in the past 5 years, especially with the penetration of the smartphone which delivers a mobile internet experience on the fly, making internet searches easily accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Avoiding keywords that deliver double stacked results towards your competitor.

Optimizing For Local SEO Part 2 – BuzzStarter Best Practices Guide

Why Local SEO Matters (continued…)

Focusing on a customer base that matters. I live close to a local neighborhood grocery store that has 3 locations that can be found here in the South Bay. If somebody were to visit their website, people who are internet savvy more so search marketing savvy, one would say that they are not leveraging their ability to capture a wider audience and possibly grow their business because their website is so draconian and simple. Now if one were to argue the merits of technical SEO, that maybe true because if you browse their site, it’s:

Optimizing For Local SEO Part 1 – BuzzStarter Best Practices Guide

A lot of the clients that BuzzStarter works with always like to think big. They always aim for top ranking on keywords that best defines their market (and business), that drives the highest search volume possible. The challenge with that is, that will never be true all the time especially for keywords that are extremely long tail. With the advent of local search engine results, it may be difficult to plan these keyword campaigns in advance especially if some of these locations are extremely valuable for your business. Now I do/did some work for a number of companies where local SEO matters and I would like to share some interesting tips that I’ve learned that maybe able to help you in your optimization campaign.

How do I use Amazon Mechanical Turk for SEO to increase my page ranks? – Q&A with BuzzStarter on Quora Series

The Quora LogoOne of the things I’ve been trying to do is change the whole way people think about SEO, digital & search marketing as well as analytics by participating a little bit more on Quora. I also go on that site to spread the word on BuzzStarter and what we do. So this will be the first article entry in a series of entries where I try to educate people using my own experiences being in this field. A couple of days ago, this questions was asked:

How do I use Amazon Mechanical Turk for SEO to increase my page ranks?

My answer as originally posted on Quora.