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Weddings, Festivals, Team Practices and everything in between

A few months back, I have committed myself to writing an original piece of content at least once a week, just so that I can spread the word and the good work that we do here at BuzzStarter. Through numerous hours of consulting, giving advice to our clients, answering the questions of our consumers I realized that it is so hard keep up with the commitment I gave myself. It is because in the midst of work, delivering success after success to our clients, I still have to have a life and enjoy what I still have left with my time and I do want to enjoy what is left of that time…

In my daily schedule of late, I find the peace and comfort (the relaxing part) to the end of each day as a way to rest these weary bones but the pace has not given me a time to think too much lately. I have given way to the regular work routine, with the morning I find myself staring at important emails as these stare back like little puppies begging attention. Like little puppies, I feed them… spending hours in giving them the love and attention they deserve. Then the morning routine, a quick run around the neighborhood then coffee and a roll for after sustenance. A quick shower and a quick glance at the morning news and even more bad news later, I am at the office fixing myself another cup of coffee, albeit decaf is the second norm for me. Then work slams me like bad times on horseback accompanied by stacks of graphs and reports that I need to divine, like tea leaves I either tell the mighty gods of commerce that we need more impressions, clicks or engagement, “we need more engagement!” I shout. I cap the end of the work day, listening to an eclectic mix of minstrels such as Ray LaMontagne, Kid Ink, Drake, Avant, Justin Timberlake, Keahiwai and Juan Luis Guerra.

However, the past month and the weekends it contained had been a blessing, not because it gave me time to relax but it gave me time to reflect. One weekend I spent being a part of a good friends’ wedding, a part of that happy day and the memories in between. On my way to the wedding rehearsal and on the way back, I found myself just lost driving around Los Angeles and ending up at the Rose Bowl, with artists reminding me tie dyed shirts, neon LA Gear sneakers and Madonna’s Crazy For You. One night I ended up finding an amazing sushi restaurant at a secluded corner of Redondo Beach pier, intently staring at a piece of grilled fish, speaking broken Japanese to a very friendly staff and lighting up like text chat bubbles every time they delivered an entree to my table. Then to top off the night of the wedding, we all headed off to the LINE hotel, me being immersed in the largest collection of Koreans that side of the City of Angels and spending the wee hours at Yamji Gamjatang, probably having the best pork neck stew I have had in awhile. Troy and Jeri's Wedding Weekend

Let me tell you about the weekend that followed. You see I won these tickets to go to the Vancouver Mini-Congress in July and because of that, I was headed to my second dance festival of 2015! This time my dance director would be there so at least I would not feel all lone wolf but I am used to it. Throw me in the jungle and I’ll come back to you with some grass skirts and rawhide pelts. In my short time there, I had a combined 50K+ steps from dancing 10p to 5a, repeating that for two nights and probably having one of the best Bachata dances I have had so far this year… I still get goosebumps thinking about how I can just get lost in the dance, eyes closed yet sensing and feeling everything. Whatever daytime I had left, I ended up walking around the area where I am at, finding small and simple things such staring at the rain, amidst swelling knees and feet yet a having blissful, soulful moment… VMC-450

Then there’s also Team Rodchata. Earlier this year, on an early morning while checking email in Taipei, I get a chat message from my old dance team director asking me if I can come back to the team. Fast forward a few months and a festival later, I probably have met some of the most interesting new people in the Bachata scene since I stopped dancing 3 years ago.
Team Rodchata
After the SF Bachata Festival 2015

So if you have been disappointed about the lack of activity in our blog as well as in our social channels, please don’t be. I have just been smelling the roses lately and will continue to provide insightful articles and tips on how to run your campaigns effectively. Remember, the machine is eternal and like Sisyphus, we tend to push that rock up that hill, once more… one more time… Then again, can we just prop that rock for a bit and just chill for a few?

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